Ibn Haldun University

About IHU

Ibn Haldun University’s (IHU) motto is Intellectual Independence. Instruction started in the 2017 – 2018 academic year with 215 undergraduates, 150 from Turkey and 65 from abroad. More than 250 graduate students from more than forty countries, including 100 PhD candidates, have been continuing their studies at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute. Currently, more than a hundred academics are lecturing across eleven departments in five schools. They provide instruction highlighting comparative methods across all disciplines.

Additional emphasis is placed on embracing both Eastern and Western learning and scholarship. IHU promotes a policy of trilingualism.
The languages in question are English, Modern Turkish, and Arabic. For most schools and departments, English is the principal language of instruction, requiring at least a C1 level of fluency. In addition, all our students shall be graduating with B2 level Modern Turkish and Arabic. The School of Languages also offers a large selection of elective courses in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Malay or Mandarin. Depending on their performance, students have the chance to receive further, IHUsupported language training in the UK, the US, or in Malaysia.

IHU also offers a special Honors Program, as well as diverse extracurricular or club activities in art, sports or travel, which are administered by the Health, Culture and Sports Department (SKS). Our ambition is to raise successive generations capable of inter-civilizational conversation, who can weave together the complex legacies of a competitive yet unified world.

Our Mission

To educate young new Ibn Halduns, in the hope that they may author a new understanding of our human civilization and lead the way in building a new global discourse for the humanities and social sciences.

Our Vision

To become, through our outstanding quality of education and vibrant academic atmosphere, one of the best research universities in the humanities and social sciences. To usher in a paradigmatic shift in the humanities and social sciences in line with our principle of intellectual independence.

 Our Values

  • Freedom;
  • Intellectual Independence;
  • Open Civilization;
  • Research;
  • Originality;
  • Comparative Methods;
  • Tradition and Innovation;
  • A Human-Centered Approach.