Ibn Haldun University

About IHU

Ibn Haldun University (IHU), founded by TURGEV in Istanbul is an endowment university with the vision to stand out as a “research” university in social sciences. Graduate students will constitute 75% of IHU’s student population. IHU will house numerous research and regional study centers as well as strategic studies centers. IHU will be an international university in that one third of the students will be admitted from abroad. In this capital city of the world, we would like to see IHU as a catalyst for academicians and students from all over the world.

IHU was established in 2015 and will start accepting students in 11 departments in the fall of 2017. Education will be trilingual: Turkish, Arabic and English. Besides these three many western and eastern languages such as German, Spanish, Russian and French, as well as Chinese and Malay will be offered. Our students will also have chance to go abroad to advance their language and experience different cultures and universities.

At IHU we would like to set the stage for the future Ibn Halduns. We embrace all the heritage we inherit in this region for thousands of years. At IHU we would like to incorporate all our richness and diversity in science and education. We are determined to redefine the social science studies with genuine work of Islamic and Western scholars to be more inclusive and comprehensive of beliefs and cultures of the world. To achieve this end, we are committed to be an institution for all scholars from all over the world to integrate east and west, past and future. We will put every effort to put a wide range our cultural and intellectual heritage into practice. We are also critical about mass education. At IHU we will focus on individualized education rather than mass education as it was the case at Ottoman madrasahs. We will assign 1 scholar for every 10 students.

IHU will be temporarily based in Başakşehir, with 14.000 square meter complex. The permanent Ibn Haldun Complex will be in the Ottoman architecture design to be finished within three years.