Ibn Haldun University

President’s Message

Dear Ibn Haldun University Community, Humanity is living the age of “open civilization”. Competition in this era is no more local, but global, for the civilizations of today do not exist in isolation. The age of closed civilizations is gone, and now is the era of interdependent and open civilizations. Therefore we need to reinvent our system of education to equip our new generations for a global race for advancement. In order for our country to be a serious competitor in the universal contest of civilizations, we need to educate our youth adequately for success in the era of open civilizations.

Education is not mere transfer of knowledge; education is the holistic art of nurturing a human being. Every human is an individual, exhibiting different traits and interests. We have established lbn Haldun University (Tur. İbn Haldun Üniversitesi, İHÜ) with such an understanding to endow our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and vision for a high civilization that they will need to possess in order to succeed and be happy in an increasingly interconnected world. The standard of comparison for success in today’s world is not the success of your neighbors’ children, but the achievements of your peers at the best institutions of the world. The future development of our country and the revival of the Muslim civilization are strictly tied to our success in raising a cohort of youth, who can compete in such a global race for progress.

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) is going to adequately prepare you for success in a competitive global environment as successful individuals, citizens of our country and members of our rich civilization. IHU provides a holistic education with its internationally-experienced and acclaimed faculty; partner institutions that are based in different parts of the world, from Washington DC and New York to London and Kuala Lumpur; its diverse student body with a third of its students coming from different countries from all over the world; its multilingual education primarily in English, Turkish and Arabic; generous scholarships and free accommodation offered to all students; its expansive library; its vibrant social scene; friendly administrative officers; and most importantly, with its vision that puts quality over numbers.

lbn Haldun said, “geography is destiny”. This destiny requires youth to shoulder the responsibility of pioneering the endeavor of Open Civilization. Our aim is to prepare our new generation for this duty.

You have my very best wishes. Yours faithfully,

Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk
President and Professor of Sociology