Ibn Haldun University


Social Sciences Institute

The Social Sciences Institute offers willing students or those already contributing at various scientific agencies, enterprises and institutions, at Master’s and PhD levels to undertake high-level scientific work and produce information and technology that support national and global human development agendas.


The Education Institute

The Education Institute offers grants to graduate and doctoral studies in the field of education. The institute will begin its activity in the fall semester of 2017-2018. The research arm of the institute covers the study of appropriate knowledge, skills and equipment used in the methods of education to enable students to meet the requirements of the modern age.


Alliance of Civilizations Institute (AIC)

ACI offers instruction in “Civilization Studies” to its Turkish and international master’s and PhD students since the 2011-2012 academic year. ACI is the only institution focusing on “Civilization Studies” in Turkey and is working towards becoming one of the most reputable institutions in its field globally.

The Institute carries its instruction in English, Turkish and Arabic and is currently in the process of adding Spanish to its media of instruction. ACI provides its students with a strong academic basis through a multidisciplinary course of study with accomplished academicians in law, history, sociology, political science, architecture, fine arts, literature and religious studies.

ACI currently hosts students from more than 40 different countries of the world and puts its diverse student body and faculty into good use with its diverse array of classes, workshops, conferences and study and research groups. Towards its goal of endowing its students with a solid and broad academic basis, the Institute organizes weekly “thesis workshops” and “thematic seminaries” under the supervision of ACI faculty advisors. The diversity at ACI enables our students and faculty to engage in lively discussions on a broad range of issues such as Russian drama or the history of Ethiopia with the insightful contribution of individuals from relevant backgrounds.

ACI is in partnership with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) initiative through the Office of Turkish Prime Minister. Reflecting this partnership, the Institute supports domestic and international work and research in the core focus areas of UNAOC relating to environment, culture, tourism, human rights, gender discrimination, such as education, youth, migration and media. All students accepted to ACI receive full-scholarships for their tuition and fees. ACI students also are eligible to receive merit stipends for 9 months every year depending on their academic success.


(Applications for Alliance of Civilizations Institute Programs have been completed.)

Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies (COTS)

Broad in its scope, the Center for Ottoman and Turkish Studies (COTS) at IHU is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of the history, politics, economics, society, culture, architecture, environment, language and literature of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey in its historical continuity. As a part of its goal to advance learning, facilitate communication, and promote cooperation, COTS will be managing projects, organizing conferences, workshops and summer schools, and offering grants to researchers.