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The Alliance of Civilizations Institute at Ibn Haldun University is launching the biennial “Civilizations Forum” as a platform for thinking and discussing civilizational issues bringing together representatives from di erent civilizations. The theme of the 2017 forum (20-21-22 October) co-organized with Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation will be ‘Religion and Civilization: Protection of Civilization as a Purpose of Religion’, where prominent scholars and speakers will deliberate on how best to re ect and research about the formation and development of the topics related to the theme of ‘Protection of Civilization as a Purpose of Religion’.

In the history of social and political thought, there has always been interest in the spi- rit of society, and the respective roles of wisdom, law and power. Usually spiritual and ethical concerns have been addressed on a moral level, or positioned in the realm of culture, with less emphasis on religion and its impact on city life, architecture, art and civilization at large. The relation between faith and civilization has always been strong, and diferent civilizations have advocated the centrality and superiority of their respective religion, considering their version of civility as more ideal.

Islam highlights civility as a main purpose of creation and as a mission for all human beings. Scholars of Islamic jurisprudence have deeply considered civilization and nurturing a social, economic and political good life as principal aims of religion. The Islamic precept of protecting the human life (hifz al-nafs) as a major ultimate goal of religion covers not only the right to life, but also the obligation of striving for a good life both individually and collectively. Keeping with the spirit of this profound and comprehensive precept, scholars and philosophers of Islam, have contributed with their seminal ideas and works to what is now regarded as a major civilization. The precept of protecting human life in its true sense encouraged the creation of profound scholarship in the domain of education, medicine, economy, arts, literature, urban life and the structure of rights and duties that cherish the common good in society, and the fostering of ethical norms supporting the ideal of civility. We observe that this is true for other civilizations and religions from east to west.

Ibn Khaldun for example, considered religion to be a pillar of civilization, and a condition of civility, giving prophets as an example of ultimate overlap between reason and the wisdom gained from revelation. In his theory of the tribal/kinship bond in politics and establishment of civilizations, he gave special consideration to the role of religion in legitimacy and the ethical role of religion in bedouin as well as urban cultures. According to him, if moral integrity and depth are lost, civilization will go through the processes of decay and failure. This year’s topic is a reminder for today’s intellectuals about the role of religion in overcoming the crises of the age.

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Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay – On Self-Cultivation

Ibn Haldun University
Inaugural Lecture
for the 2017-2018 academic year
Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay
On Self-Cultivation

September 25, 2017

Young men and women, one way or the other, you have made it into college. Now what are you going to do with this? What is it that you want? Are you here to pursue learning? Are you here, perhaps, to search for yourselves; who you are, who you want to be or who you are supposed to be? Or are you here just to get a diploma, a certificate, some useful piece of paper, and to make an exit that way? Continue reading “Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay – On Self-Cultivation”

Our Sociology Department has launched the Oral History and Social Memory Project

Oral History and Social Memory Research project has recently begun in Ibn Haldun University. Preliminary preparations have been completed and eleven of our researchers have already started working in the field in different parts of the country. It is aimed that the project will be completed within one year and its results will be shared with the public through books, documentaries, films, web-site and an exhibition.

The project of ‘Oral History and Social Memory in Turkey 1923-1950’ initiated by the faculty members of the Sociology Department of our university aims at researching and analyzing religion, state, individual and social relations in the single party period of the Republic through the life stories and personal accounts of the witnesses. The project, is carried out in different parts of Turkey, is planned to make modest contributions to rewriting of a particular period of history of modern Turkey through the life stories and witnesses of the local ordinary people.

In the project conducted by Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk, Assoc. Prof. Ramazan Aras, Assist. Prof. Emin Yaşar Demirci, Assist. Prof. Önder Küçükural and Assist. Prof. Ekrem Çelikiz will contribute as researchers. The history consultancy of the project is conducted by Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay, whereas Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu is responsible for the consultancy for the documentaries.

The team consisting of graduate and doctoral students working as researchers in the project includes İhsan Altıntaş, Elif Naime Arslanoğlu, Musa Kökçen, Hale Nur Çebi, Elif Haliloğlu, Halil Uyanık, Amina Smits, and Osman Doğan. The project launched on July 2017 is planned to be completed on July 2018.

Cooperation with Qatar Universities and Educational Institutes

Under the coordination of International Office, a delegation of Ibn Haldun University visited Qatar between May 24-25. The visit focused on exploring cooperation opportunities with various educational and media institutions.

The visiting delegation from IHU consisted of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Professor İrfan Gündüz, members of Board of Trustees Mr. Bilal Erdoğan and Mr. Erman Ilıcak, President  Professor Recep Şentürk, Chief Advisor to the President Sefer Turan, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences Assoc. Dr. Burhan Köroğlu and International Office Coordinator Mr. Enes Yalman.

During the visits, the delegation touched upon the opportunities of mutual cooperation and joint projects, and evaluated chances for signing protocols and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’s with Qatar-based institutions.