Ibn Haldun University

Why Ibn Haldun

Başakşehir Yerleşkesi

A Real Research University Specialized In Social Sciences

Ibn Haldun University aims to graduate the students with great skills about the methods and techniques of research in social sciences, while contributing to the social sciencesl literature with its research institutes and centers.

%100 Scholarship For All 

The students who are qualified to enroll to our university will benefit from full scholarship.

Scholarship Validity Period: 1+1 for Preparatory, 4+1 for Undergraduate

Başakşehir Öğrenci Yurdu

Education in the US, in Malaysia and in the UK 

Through our partnerts in Washington, London and Alor Setar, our students will have the opportunity to study at an international level.

Competetive Faculty and 150 Undergraduate Quota 

Ibn Haldun University has a strong, competetive faculty in different fields of social sciences and international platforms. 150 undergraduate students for 11 programs prefered Ibn Haldun University according to OSYS tests in 2017. All of those students have full scholarship.

Education in Turkish, English and Arabic 

Our university adopts a policy of trilingualism and lectures are in Turkish, English and Arabic. Our student take English and Arabic as compulsory courses.

Bakırköy Taşmektep Yerleşkesi

Foreign Language Preparation Training in 10 Person Classes 

In our university, the size of the preparatory language classes is restricted to ten people. More homogeneous classes provide more effective training and foreign language quality for the global actors of the future.

Free English Education in the US and in Malaysia for Students Who Succesfully Finish Preparatory Class 

Students finishing the preparatory class get the chance to join education camps in the US and in Malaysia to practice in the summer of the same year.

7/24 Open Library

The library of our university is always open and serves as an open source.

Amerika Ofisi
Free Room and Board and Macbook to All Students 

Scholarships for Enrolment, Preference and Ranking 

Ibn Haldun Enrolment Scholarship

1.500 ₺ for a student who enrolls 1st

1.250 ₺ for a student who enrolls 2nd

1.000 ₺ for a student who enrolls 3rd

Preference Scholarship

1.000 ₺ to every  student who chooses and enrolls Ibn Haldun University in the first three preferences.

Graduate and Doctorate Scholarship Abroad

Students who are among the list of the first hundred and enroll to our university and graduate ranking among the top three, will be supported financially if they are accepted for a graduate school abroad.

Ranking Scholarships *

Law and Management Undergraduate

First 500 1.500 ₺
First 1.000 1.250 ₺
First 2.000 1.000 ₺

Pschology Undergraduate 
First 1.000 1.500 ₺
First 2.000 1.250 ₺
First 4.000 1.000 ₺

History, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, Media and Communication Undergraduate 
First 2.500 1.500 ₺
First 5.000 1.250 ₺
First 10.000 1.000 ₺

PDR and Sociology Undergraduate 
First 5.000 1.500 ₺
First 10.000 1.250 ₺
First 15.000 1.000 ₺

Philosophy and Islamic Sciences Undergraduate 
First 10.000 1.500 ₺
First 20.000 1.250 ₺
First 30.000 1.000 ₺

* Ranking scholarships for 2017 by ÖSYS. May change for other terms.