Ibn Haldun University

Why Ibn Haldun

Operating with the understanding that “knowledge is privilege”, Ibn Haldun University will provide its students with a modern, scientific and critical thinking-oriented education as the first “research university” in Turkey, with its qualified schools and its research focused social sciences and humanities programs.

An Authentic Research University

Ibn Haldun University will graduate students competent in the methods and the theories of social sciences. IHU intends to produce pioneering contributions to the humanities and social sciences literature with its research institutes, such as its Alliance of Civilizations Institute (ACI).

Generous Need-Based and Merit Scholarships to All Students

Ibn Haldun University provides all undergraduate and graduate students with generous financial aid throughout their programs.

Academic Excellence

The Ibn Haldun University faculty consists of qualified professors in social sciences and humanities, who have substantive experience working at international academic and research institutions.

Graduate Focus

IHU is a graduate-focused research university. Graduate students will compose 75 percent of the IHU student body.

Partners in Malaysia, the United States and the United Kingdom

IHU students will have the opportunity to receive a global education at our partner institutions in Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, New York and London.

Trilingual Turkish-English-Arabic Education

The media of instruction at IHU will be Turkish, English and Arabic. All our students will be perfectly proficient in English and attaining Arabic proficiency by graduation will be encouraged.

Free Room

All students enrolled at IHU will be eligible for free housing services during their degree programs.

Free Board

All students at IHU will be eligible for free board and food services during their degree programs.

Personal Laptops to Students

IHU gifts all enrolled students personal laptops for their use during their graduate and undergraduate studies.

A University for the Social Sciences and Humanities

IHU is a social sciences and humanities oriented research university.

IHU Career Center Opportunities

IHU students will benefit from the career consulting of the IHU Career Center from their first day at the university onwards. Career fairs organized by the Career Center will provide IHU students with frequent opportunities to connect with global representatives of the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Ibn Haldun University is a global humanities and social sciences research university.